Rent and test a Tretwerk

Life is too short to be stuck in traffic. Our mission is to revolutionize mobility and make it faster, easier and more enjoyable than ever before. We realize this mission with our electric bikes. Our bikes are designed for both commuting and adventure, with a focus on efficiency, style and fun. With our pedelecs, getting from A to B becomes a joyful experience, and not a hassle.


Designed and developed in Essen

Our e-bikes have been carefully designed and developed by our experts in Essen to ensure a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Every detail has been designed with the utmost care to provide a quality driving experience.


Made in Europe

Our e-bikes are exclusively manufactured in Europe to ensure that every bike is made with the best quality and dedication. We believe that manufacturing in Europe is an important factor in achieving the highest standards of quality and sustainability.


Direct sale without intermediaries

Our customers get high quality e-bikes at an affordable price because we have no middlemen and can therefore keep the price low for our customers. By selling directly to our customers, we ensure that everyone who chooses a Tretwerk e-bike gets the best possible value for money.