JOKO MAKES SUSHI: how new e-bikes make green mobility affordable in cities

SUSHI Bikes developed an e-bike that, at a price of 999 Euro, costs less than half of the average price of an electric bicycle. It surprises at every turn of the pedal with the pure design of a single-speed bike, quality, and lightness. How that's related to the Japanese specialty? One thing rolls the other are rolls. So who doesn't immediately connect e-bikes with SUSHI? SUSHI Bikes – this is how we roll.


Mobile battery technology

Small and handy, and hardly visible. The SUSHI battery, made by Samsung, could be mistaken for a drinking bottle. And it can be removed just as easily and used as a power bank. Or simply recharge it in the office or at university.


Not a single gram too much

While normal e-bikes often weigh more than 25 kg, SUSHI Bikes don't have a single gram of fat and aren't heavier than normal bikes without drive. You'll feel it while riding, handling or carrying the bike. Easy as that!


Perfectly synchronized components

Engine or battery, frame or attachments, saddle, handlebar, and pedals – SUSHI Bikes put a lot of thought into every component and optimally synchronized them. For more riding pleasure, comfort and reliability.

Rent and test your SUSHI Bike today!

By the way: every SUSHI Bike comes with lights (conform to the StVO and rechargeable via USB), reflectors, and a chain guard. This way you're directly equipped for the urban traffic. Learn more at

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