E-Bikes are a major force when it comes to replacing cars for urban mobility. EINS is just the right tool to make this change, consciously and in-style.


Super lightweight

The frame of the EINS is made of super durable CrMo steel (like most BMX bikes) to withstand any obstacle your city could present to you but still only weighs 19 kg / 41 lbs.(battery included). This is less than most e-bikes in this class and gives you this unique feeling of freedom while riding the EINS


Powerful and fast accelerating mid-drive

Packed with Power to dash up hills easily and cruise the city. The EINS is equipped with a high performance mid-drive for fast & direct acceleration. You will directly feel the difference in performance to the commonly used hub-motors.


Full chrome galvanized frame

High quality materials have always been a focus while designing the EINS, that’s why all EINS bikes come with a stunning hand-welded, chrome-plated frame. This means you will not have to worry about the surface to chip off or tarnish.


The project started in 2019 and the EINS is with no doubt the best product that we could possibly build for you. We wanted to create an eco-friendly e-bike that also looks stunning, so we kept sustainability in mind during the whole development process, but did not let our focus on design slip. Best thing is that in order to accomplish this we didn’t need to reduce power or make it less fun in any way – the opposite holds true. EINS is the perfect companion to conquer cities worldwide.

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