Happy cities for happy people

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Brussels, Ahooga's goal from the beginning has been to make happy cities for happy people. To achieve this, the Ahooga team first created the iconic Folding bike, followed by the problem-solver Modular and the nimble Urban. By prioritizing local European production, agile and elegant design, as well as the quality of its bicycles, Ahooga is poised to become one of the most significant players in the national electric bike market.


Folding USP light, compact and double triangle twin tube technology

Compactness. Store it everywhere The Folding 36V is compact. Thanks to its folding system, it reduces its size by almost half making it one of the tiniest E-bikes on the market. This allows it to be carried anywhere: from trains to trams, from the trunk of a car to the storage compartment of a boat.
Unique frame. One of a kind Nothing folds like a Folding Ahooga. Thanks to its revolutionary "Double Twin Tube Technology," it has no hinges on its frames. Fold it completely in 20 seconds or partially in 2 seconds by folding the rear wheel inside the frame. This means that the aluminum frame is highly capable of handling even the roughest roads, ensuring a safe and stable ride. Moreover, this enhances the frame's durability and significantly reduces the risk of breakage while riding.


Modular USPs 3 in 1, lightness and weight capacity.

3 in 1. “A problem solver” or “3 bikes in 1” like on the website. (Cool to have “Mr Wolf of the e-bikes” but you should have seen Pulp Fiction to know who we are talking about. Moreover, it might convey a misleading message that we do not want to givr. But still, it would be cool) Shopping, kid or cargo bike, just take a Modular. Thanks to its sturdy racks it can be easily adapted to your daily needs.
Weight capacity. A heavy lifter The Modular effortlessly handles a total weight of up to 70 kg on its racks—20 kg on the front rack and 50 kg on the rear rack—while maintaining a stable and enjoyable ride. Additionally, it can accommodate a passenger weighing up to 35 kg on its rear rack thanks to its comfortable cushion. Thanks to its robust and reliable frame, the bike can support a total weight of up to 145 kg, rider included.


Lightness. A featherweight champion

The Folding 36V is a featherweight. With a weight of 17.4 kg, this 20’’ folding bike can be used even without electric assistance. Its lightweight design allows for easy storage, the weight components distribution on the bike is also optimized to have a comfortable riding. The Lightest e-bike. Thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame, the Modular weighs only 20 kg with battery and motor. This not only ensures an effortless ride without electric assistance but also allows for easy maneuverability. Furthermore, equipped with a powerful motor and five levels of electric assistance, conquering hilly roads becomes a breeze.

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